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Not-for-profit real estate agent opens in Melbourne

Fran Kelly, Radio National

Australia's first not-for-profit real estate agency is opening its doors in Melbourne, and if all goes well, the model will be rolled out across the country.

Call for review on closure of ACNC

Gareth Hutchens, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Abbott government should review its decision to close the national charities regulator after freezing its controversial plans to water down Labor's financial advice laws, the federal opposition says.

Our long-term unemployment headache

Greg Jericho, The Drum

The sharp rise in the long-term unemployment rate will test the Government's desire for job growth and also reduced government spending in industries that traditionally supported those now facing long periods out of work. 

Public housing tenants facing eviction say process too hasty

Leesha McKenny, Sydney Morning Herald

Millers Point public housing tenant Florence Seckold buried her husband last Tuesday. ''Wednesday we got the eviction notice,'' the 80-year-old said.

Depression is still stigmatised in Australia – and I should know

Jessica Grace, The Guardian

Despite the fact that two million Australians suffer from anxiety, 25% believe that depressed people 'need to toughen up'. If only it were that simple.

Joe Hockey warns of budget pain

David Uren, The Australian

LABOR’S failure to provide for big-spending commitments beyond the budget horizon will blow the nation’s finances, Joe Hockey warned yesterday as he released figures suggesting the bottom line could be $17 billion worse in 2017-18.

Sydney's Catholic Archdiocese has assets over $1 billion, royal commission told

Catherine Armitage, The Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney's Catholic Archdiocese, thought to be the richest in the country, controls funds with assets of $1.24 billion and generates annual multimillion-dollar surpluses, according to evidence at the child sex abuse royal commission.

Australian farmers hold $3.21bn in farm management deposits

Gabrielle Chan, The Guardian

Farm management deposits, designed to draw on in low-income years, peaked at $3.72bn in June 2013. 

ACU in row over virgin birth claim

Julie Hare, The Australian

AUSTRALIAN Catholic University is accused of interfering with academic freedom after it pressured an editor to disassociate her journal from an earlier article that was deemed to hold views “contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church”. 

ALP to rally migrants to fight race hate law changes

Heath Aston, Jonathan Swan, The Sydney Morning Herald

Labor will launch a blitz on Liberal-held marginal seats to warn migrant communities about the Abbott government's plans to water down race hate protections.

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