Daily News - Wednesday 29 January 2014

Posted 29 January 2014 10:24am


Many long-term unemployed battle emotional and health issues that stop return to workforce

Laura Chalmers, Courier Mail

ALMOST 20,000 Queenslanders have been on unemployment benefits for longer than five years.

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits: What you need to know

Rachel Lendzion, Social Work Helper

Crowdsourcing can be defined as enlisting the services of a number of individuals for a particular cause usually via the internet.

Work for the dole: this punishing forced labour policy will not create jobs

Van Badham, The Guardian

By shoving the compulsory scheme down unemployed workers' throats, the policy eschews job creation for a subsidised volunteerism that doesn't reduce the unemployment rate

Age Pension reform needed for a fair, sustainable welfare system

Cassie McGannon, The Conversation

Social services minister Kevin Andrews says a concern that the system is unsustainable is driving his review of welfare.

NFPs to Shoulder Work For The Dole

Pro Bono News

Not for Profit aged care homes and other charities will be expected to offer unpaid work to Australia’s unemployed as part of the Federal Coalition Government’s new, expanded Work-for-the-Dole plans.

Bleeding hearts alone won't save asylum seekers

Fatima Measham, Eureka Street

Last month, Guardian Australia published a letter of concern prepared by 15 doctors working at the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centres.

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