Daily News - Wednesday 5 March 2014

Posted 5 March 2014 9:08am



Income and wealth inequality: how is Australia faring?

Peter Whiteford, The Conversation

Australians like to think of themselves as egalitarian, and for much of our history we believed our income and wealth was spread around evenly.

Those scary DSP numbers aren't so scary after all

Greg Jericho, The Drum

The record number of people receiving disability support seems alarming ... until you take into account Australia's growing and ageing population.

Parental leave: Tony Abbott's 'feminist evolution' isn't enough

Bronwen Clue, The Guardian

The ability to have a career and a family goes beyond a call for better paid parental schemes. It is a small gain, but it won’t cement any real change. We need a cultural shift.

Manus Island inquiry: Asylum seekers and camp staff to have their say

Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte, David Wroe, The Sydney Morning Herald

Asylum seekers will be invited to give their eye-witness accounts of the violence on Manus Island to a parliamentary committee that will free public servants and contractors from the confidentiality clauses in their employment contracts.

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Toowoomba Bishop Robert McGuckin tell parents kids are safe from sex abuse at school

Tanya Chilcott, Courier Mail

CATHOLIC education officials admit their schooling system has been undermined in Queensland because of the way sexual abuse allegations were dealt with.

Repeal Day To Hit NFP Sector Reform

ProBono News

Dozens of regulations affecting the Not for Profit sector are expected to be dumped in one omnibus bill in Federal Parliament, along with new legislation to abolish the charity regulator, if the Coalition’s plans for a regulatory Repeal Day are successful.

Former Labor government made itself third largest aid recipient, says Julie Bishop

Catherine McGrath, The ABC

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has launched an attack on Labor's handling of the foreign aid budget during its time in government.

Talk of job losses doesn't pay any attention to job gains

Ross Gittens, The Sydney Morning Herald

I can always tell when people are getting anxious about unemployment - including their own. It's when a journalist thinks they'll be increasing the sum of human knowledge by adding up the number of redundancies announced in recent weeks.

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