Daily News - Wednesday 9 April 2014

Posted 9 April 2014 10:43am

Indigenous leaders ask Attorney-General to protect their people in race law debate

Sarah Whyte, The Sydney Morning Herald

A group of indigenous leaders and academics have joined a chorus of opponents to the planned changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, calling for safeguards to be included in its review.


Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption to begin in Sydney

Emily Bourke, ABC News

The inquiry, led by former High Court judge Dyson Heydon will investigate allegations of bribery, secret commissions and improper fundraising within five of the country's most powerful unions.


Online Action Makes Youth Homelessness Matter

YFoundations, Media Release 

On any given night in Australia over 26,000 young people are homeless – an alarming number which is on the rise. Youth Homelessness Matters Day, a national awareness campaign held on Wednesday 9 April, is a call to all Australians, to take action by publicly stating that “youth homelessness matters” and must be prevented.


Cash as well as creativity can help reduce long-term homelessness

The Conversation

There has been particular success in finding solutions to homelessness. In 2011, the Welsh Local Authority Homelessness Network wanted to test a new and innovative solution to long-term homelessness. The network formed a partnership with the Welsh assembly, and worked with a number of local authorities to introduce a scheme of individual budgets targeted at rough sleepers who had proven the most difficult to engage and most entrenched.


Aus Inquiry Urged to Promote Social Investment

Pro Bono News

Social sector advocates are urging the Federal Government to look at new ways to promote social investment in Australia as part of its inquiry into the financial system. 


Pope approves reforms for Vatican bank


Pope Francis has approved a new direction for the Vatican 'bank' as it seeks to improve transparency and compliance with international guidelines


Australia announces $3 million flood assistance package for Solomon Islands

Australia Network News

"The Solomon Islands Government has informed us that this is the worst flood disaster they have experienced in their capital, Honiara," Ms Bishop said in a statement.

"I have spoken to Prime Minister Lilo this evening and informed him of the new package; the $3 million package overall, and the new $2 million to address the immediate shelter, water, health needs; and also the $600,000 to support the Solomon Islands Government," she said.

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