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Posted 19 April 2013 7:31am

ACOSS' Federal Budget asks

ACOSS wants the Baby Bonus and Schoolkids Bonus scrapped in its current form and rolled into FTB A.  Jessica Irvine - news.com.au

Renewed calls to increase Newstart by $50 a week

CSSA signs on to ACOSS letter re-stating the sector's call on the Federal Government to increase Newstart by $50 a week.

Grandfather’ arrangements for PPS – entitlement or inequity?

Since it was announced in the 2012-13 Budget that ‘grandfathering’ arrangements for single parents receiving Parenting Payment Single (PPS) would cease on 1 January 2013, there has been considerable concern expressed at the plight of these recipients who would see their weekly income support payments reduced by over $130 per fortnight for those on the maximum rate, and in some cases not be entitled to any income support and associated benefits if they had high enough earnings.  Flagpost, Australian Parliamentary Library

Basing education funding on the needs of children is the way to a socially just Australia

The model proposed by the review seeks to address the unacceptable link between low levels of achievement and educational disadvantage by providing loadings for students on the basis of socio-economic background, disability, English language proficiency, the particular needs of indigenous students, school size, and school location. It also recognises that schools with similar student populations require the same level of resources regardless of whether they are located in the government, Catholic or independent sectors.  Dr John Falzon, The Age (Opinion)

South Australia reaches agreement with Canberra on disability scheme

South Australia has become the second state to reach agreement with the federal government on a full rollout of the national disability insurance scheme, DisabilityCare Australia.  Dan Harrison, National Times

Pressure on MPs to support disability scheme

Supporters of the National Disability Insurance Scheme will target Labor MPs in marginal seats to place pressure on the Gillard government to fully fund the scheme in the May budget.  Dan Harrison, Brisbane Times

Malaysia Solution is dead in the water

Wondering about how humanely to stop the boats and how best to build a regional response to the irregular movement of asylum seekers in our region, I spent last week in Malaysia discussing the 'Malaysia Solution' with the Malaysian Bar Council, UNHCR, PROHAM (the Society for the Promotion of Human Rights), various local NGOs and Church groups.  Fr Frank Brennan sj, Eureka Street

US:  Many think "welfare" no longer belongs in Pa. agency's name

The name Department of Public Welfare was no doubt seen as an improvement when the state came up with it nearly a century ago, merging two older offices - the Board of Charities and the Committee on Lunacy.

But now, 90 years later, Pennsylvania is one of just two states in the nation that still use the word welfare in the name of the massive agency that serves mainly the elderly, disabled, and children.  Amy Worden, Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau

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