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Posted 22 April 2013 4:04pm

Job seeker funding still open to fraud, despite fee reforms

"The $4.7 billion welfare-to-work scheme is at ''high risk'' of being defrauded by the government's designated employment agencies, according to a confidential federal government assessment." Linton Besser, Sydney Morning Herald.

The growing movement to increase health equity

"The recent launch of the Social Determinants of Health Alliance, representing organisations from health, social services and public policy, might prove a game-changer. Catholic Health Australia was instrumental in setting up the alliance, and its director of strategic policy, Liz Callaghan, is hopeful that the time is right for action, particularly given the cross-party sign-off on the Senate report." Melissa Sweet, The Conversation.

Huge deficits loom 

"Australia faces a decade of budget deficits, with the annual total set to pass $60 billion in 2023 unless governments take tough action to 'share the pain', a leading think tank has warned." Peter Martin, Sydney Morning Herald.

Higher taxes could fund a better Australia

"We no longer know how to speak about a sense of collective purpose. And we seem to believe that economic aspiration is now the only sentiment worth appealing to." Tim Soutphommasane, Sydney Morning Herald.

Mildly disabled threaten viability of NDIS

"While the government deserves some credit for slightly reducing the numbers of DSP recipients, the achievement pales into insignificance compared with recent developments in Britain." Judith Sloan, The Australian.

'Work and care tsunami' building

"Thirty work and family researchers will today call for an increase in taxpayer-funded paid parental leave and the introduction of "carer credits" to top up the superannuation of carers." Ewin Hannan, The Australian.

Australian male breadwinner flourishing

"An economic dinosaur lives on in Australia: the male breadwinner. Despite decades of sweeping social and economic change he's survived surprisingly unscathed. And there's evidence our male breadwinner model is especially potent." Matt Wade, Sydney Morning Herald.

Working mothers still plagued by guilt

"Working mothers often feel judged as not doing the right thing by their child or their employer, the CareforKids.com.au survey found." Cosima Marriner, Sydney Morning Herald.

Book indicates pope is a moderate realist

"The pope warns that without a robust defense of the poor at its heart, Christianity risks becoming a 'lukewarm, weak and mediocre church.'" John Allen, National Catholic Reporter.

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