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Posted 23 April 2013 10:33am

Experiencing out-of-home care in Australia: the views of children and young people

"This survey was designed to provide a reference point for how the out-of-home care system is faring in 2013 from the point of view of the children and young people living in it." Joseph J. McDowall, CREATE Foundation.

Farewell to good times, something's gotta give

"One of Australia's most respected economists, Ross Garnaut, of the University of Melbourne, warns that when the mining boom busts, the economy is likely to bust with it. History is on his side. Since 2005, mining investment has reared up like a tidal wave, from 2 per cent of GDP to more than 8 per cent. If it breaks like a tidal wave, it will swamp the economy." Tim Colebatch, Sydney Morning Herald.

Too many on the receiving end of middle-class welfare

"There is no dignity in retiring to live off your and someone else's children for 20 years, especially when a huge slice of health costs are consumed in the last year of life. Pensioners always argue that they have made their contribution, but this is not so; taxpayers pay the pension and health costs of pensioners. The extent to which superannuation makes good the claim of pensioners to self-contribution will be sorely tested in the next decade or two." Gary Johns, the Australian.

A little help goes a long way: measuring the impact of the StepUP Loan program  

"This report argues that thousands of low income Australians are one step closer to financial inclusion and less likely to borrow from fringe lenders after they’ve received a StepUP Loan." Centre for Social Impact (CSI).

Casual workforce little changed since 2001

"Australia's casual workforce has remained steady over the past decade according to a new Productivity Commission paper that puts union campaigns warning of increases in insecure work in context." Daniel Hurst, Sydney Morning Herald.

High earners favour bare minimum welfare payments

"An Australia Institute survey for Anglicare Australia asked respondents whether welfare payments should be set at a percentage of average wages, should consider the cost of living, should ensure the government can balance its budget or should be set at a bare minimum." Neelima Choahan, Ballarat Courier.

No glamour but all heart: "Sydney's needy still struggle for the philanthropist's dollar." Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald.

Bless on, Pope Francis: we need more social justice and female foot washing

"The new pope has Christ-like concern for the most challenged members of society. Too bad some in his church don't get it." Sadhbh Walshe, The Guardian.


Disabled Pension and life of crime

"Killers, paedophiles, robbers and a man who raped his daughter and fathered her four children, were receiving the Disability Support Pension when they committed their crimes.  Gemma Jones, The Daily Telegraph 

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