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Posted 4 June 2013 9:20am

Tackling the fundamentals: why our public services need system change: "Some people face severe difficulties in leading a socially and economically functional life. These are usually people who have been let down and badly harmed from a very early age. They have learnt not to trust other people, and they struggle to cope with mental scars from early trauma." Julian Corner, One Nation Register.

Rethink call to keep kids away from crime: "The idea is that a portion of the public funds that would have been spent on covering the costs of law and order, imprisonment and care in communities that have a high concentration of offenders, is instead invested in community programs, services and activities that are aimed at addressing the underlying causes of crime, dislocation and disengagement in those communities," says National Children's Commissioner, Megan Mitchell. .Patricia Karvelas, The Australian.

DisabilityCare's name 'close to being hated': "The Coalition has called for a rethink of DisabilityCare Australia's name before the launch of a $22 million advertising campaign for the scheme, saying many people with a disability find the name patronising." Dan Harrison, Sydney Morning Herald.

Wage rise to avoid 'social upheaval': "Australia's social cohesion is under threat by the failure of minimum wages to keep up with the pay increases enjoyed by better-paid workers over the past decade, the head of the national industrial relations commission has warned."Clay Lucas, Sydney Morning Herald.

What is driving income inequalities? "Is this widening income inequality a bad thing? If it is a result of fraud, deception or outright coercion, yes it is. But if it is a result of freely-taken decisions by people using their own money, no it isn't." Peter Saunders, Centre for Independent Studies.

Foreign workers excluded from the Aussie fair go: "If Julia Gillard and her government are serious about stopping the rorts arising from Australia's migrant worker scheme, then something will be done about the cleaning workers who have not only just lost their jobs but their entitlements too." Joanna Howe, Sydney Morning Herald.

Asylum Experts Question DIAC's Neutrality: Is the Department of Immigration under political pressure to reject asylum applications? DIAC figures show that many initial decisions are overturned at review, reports Sasha Petrova, New Matilda.

Don’t try to fix it… I just need you to listen! You’ve probably been in a similar-sounding situation – perhaps even uttered, or been on the receiving end of these very words. Your world is in turmoil. You’ve had a day from hell, you’ve got a headache, and you just need to unload how you’re feeling on someone who cares. Until that someone who cares is a male, and all he wants to do is fix your problem. The Hoopla.

Pell, Hart were leaders in addressing child sex abuse: "Cardinal George Pell in Sydney and Archbishop Denis Hart in Melbourne have become public targets for criticism concerning sexual abuse by priests and brothers within the Catholic Church in Australia." Gerard Henderson, Sydney Morning Herald.

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