Dailys News - Thursday 23 January 2014

Posted 23 January 2014 8:54am

Indigenous jobs gap widening

Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

MORE than halfway to the deadline for the nation's goal of halving the employment gap between black and white Australians, the disparity has widened, prompting Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Affairs to call for radical changes to the welfare regime. 

Bill Gates predicts almost no poor countries left by 2035 in annual letter

Ashley Hall, The ABC

Billionaire software baron Bill Gates has made the bold prediction that there will be almost no poor countries left by 2035.

School disability model opens $2bn hole

Justine Ferrari, The Australian

THE number of students receiving extra money for a disability under the new school funding model is expected to increase by 60 per cent next year, creating a potential shortfall of at least $2 billion if the federal government honours its commitment to the payment. 

Rising unemployment hits Aus confidence

Sky News

Australia's rising jobless rate is chipping away at consumer confidence.  Confidence fell by 1.7 per cent from 105.0 points in December to 103.3 in January, according to the Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment.

Lone parents fear they'll be hit even harder

Craig Butt, Daniella Miletic, The Age

Victoria had the biggest proportional drop in people on single-parenting payments in the past year of any state, and was home to the five electorates that recorded the biggest decreases, a Fairfax Media analysis has found.

Welfare review could recommend stricter conditions on carer pensions

Bridie Jabour, The Guardian

Initial consultations have raised the possibility of 'work for the dole' schemes and changes to payments, participants say.

Harness goodwill to close the gap on employment

Alan Tudge, The Australian

THE latest figures reveal that the indigenous employment gap is getting worse, not better. When prime minister Kevin Rudd made the apology to indigenous Australians in 2008, he invited indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to work in partnership to close the indigenous employment gap. 

Sending young men to prison won't make you safer

Greg Barns

Alcohol-fuelled violence in New South Wales is at a decade low, but that may not remain the case under the new "one-punch laws" announced by Premier Barry O'Farrell, writes Greg Barns.

Inflation - the dog that didn’t bark

James Morley, The Conversation

Australia’s cost of living is among the highest in the world, despite our low inflation rate. In this series we explore what consumers can expect from the big ticket items - petrol, power and groceries - in the year ahead.

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