Hidden Trauma, Hidden Cost – the CSSA Scholarship 2013

Posted 18 September 2013 10:15am

Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) is pleased to announce that the recipient of the inaugural CSSA Scholarship is Ms Romaine Moss, an employee from CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay, with her research proposal Hidden Trauma, Hidden Cost: Ameliorating the effects of vicarious trauma in the workplace.

CSSA Treasurer and Board Member, Mr Trevor Murphy, will present Ms Moss with a certificate acknowledging her historical position as the winner of the inaugural CSSA Scholarship in Sydney today at 11am.

“The CSSA Scholarship scheme, launched in April 2013, was established to fund research aimed at achieving a fairer, more inclusive Australian society,” said Acting Executive Director of CSSA, Ms Jackie Brady. “It is an opportunity for staff in CSSA agencies to conduct research aimed at making a contribution to bettering the lives of others.”

The winning research project will monitor and measure vicarious trauma in staff over time and measure the effects of a number of different treatments that will be developed with staff to address their trauma.

“Ms Moss’ application reached out to the independent Scholarship selection panel as they felt that the chosen issue has wide implications across our network and would benefit all within it,” said Ms Brady.

With the assistance of the $20,000 scholarship, Ms Moss has an exclusive opportunity to apply knowledge, skills and experience to conduct further research that could potentially provide a benefit to the entire CSSA network.

“From our Board’s decision in May 2012 to introduce the scheme, to this announcement and with the promise of the next two years, these are exciting times for Ms Moss, CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay and the CSSA network,” said Ms Brady.

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