Monday 25 February 2013

Posted 25 February 2013 5:47pm

Kids most at risk from parents, child deaths report finds

"The chilling results of an investigation into child deaths due to assault or neglect reveal the state’s youngest are most at risk of dying at the hands of their parents or guardians." Katherine Feeney, Brisbane Times.

Kids getting more violent to parents

"One in five police call-outs to Perth's northern suburbs for domestic violence now involves kids attacking their parents." Katie Robertson, PerthNow.

Meet the people who desperately need help in their disability care

"Garry Connor's greatest frustration is knowing his family cannot afford the $100,000 a year it would cost to help his severely autistic sons, Reagan and Declan, to emerge from their shells of silence and better connect with the world." Andrew Dowdell, Adelaide Now.

Why we must fix our disability crisis - the fight for basic rights for all

"Future generations will reflect on our treatment of disabled and vulnerable people with the same sense of shame that we now remember forced adoptions, the state's former mental health chief warns. " Andrew Dowdell, Adelaide Now.

Pregnancy and blame - what it means for mothers of children with disabilities

"While mother-blame may be on the increase, guilt and its cousin shame are not new for mothers of children with disabilities." Kathryn Knight, The Conversation.

Little Australians benefit as teachers move into childcare

"By January 2014, all long-daycare services and preschool services across the country must employ an early childhood-trained teacher and have them in attendance for at least six hours on any given day." Maxine McKew, The Age.

Homeless services wait on funding

"More than 80,000 people are at risk while the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness remains uncertain, according to new research by Mission Australia." Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald.

Greens to push for single-parent payment boost

"The Greens are proposing single parents receive a top-up to their welfare payments of up to $127 a week." ABC.

Cut welfare 'to protect our future', says Don Argus

"Business community elder Don Argus has warned that the growth in politically popular welfare spending is unsustainable and youth unemployment is one of the greatest economic challenges confronting Australia." Annabel Hepworth, The Australian.

Plan to bridge welfare divide

"Rather than decry the amount of social welfare flowing to Tasmania, the state should make better use of such income, one academic suggests." Dinah Arndt, The Examiner.

Jailing of kids 'does not work' - WA Governor Malcolm McCusker

"West Australian governor Malcolm McCusker has spoken out against the state's mandatory detention laws, calling for a radical overhaul of juvenile sentencing practices that are resulting in the incarceration of hundreds of Aboriginal children." Natasha Robinson, The Australian (subscription required).

Salvos lash out at 'tough on crime' policies

"The Salvation Army has strongly criticised the Baillieu government for its ''tough'' law and order policies, saying it is extremely concerned about the impact they are having on vulnerable people's lives." Shane Green, The Age.

Judge calls for action on alcohol violence 'epidemic'

"New South Wales's most senior magistrate has warned that alcohol-fuelled violence has reached "epidemic proportions" and the community is "fed up" with the perpetrators." Janine Cohen and Karen Michelmore, Four Corners, ABC.

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