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Posted 23 May 2013 10:53am

UN agency faults Australian policy:  The UN refugee agency has taken Australia to task over a tough new policy that allows boat people who reach its mainland to be sent to remote Nauru or Papua New Guinea for detention while their asylum claims are processed.  AAP

Parents spending 50 pc more to bring up children:  The cost of raising children in Australia has skyrocketed in the past five years, with middle-income families spending up to $458 a week to raise a child.  Madeleine Morris, ABC

Mixed up families a reaction to change:  Australians are embracing living with members of their extended families in greater numbers as a range of economic and social forces begin to bite.  Rick Morton, (subscription required)

Strategy to fight suicide gets $17m:  A national strategy to address indigenous suicide - which occurs at twice the rate of the rest of the population - will be unveiled today, supported by $17.8 million in new funding over four years.  Patricia Karvelas, The Australian.

Aged care can't meet growing demands of the population:  Aged care providers claiim the sector is facing a crisis with lack of funding for the number of places and trained staff required to provide for Australia's ageing population.  Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald.

Making a poll win a breeze:  Pressure groups and organised interests are the weathervanes of political shifts. Public opinion polls seek to measure the opinions of ordinary voters, while the public statements of influential leaders show the way the wind is blowing at the elite level.  John Warhurst, The Canberra Times.

Catholic ire over 'poor' Gonski forecasts:  In the first major show of opposition to the Gillard government's Gonski Reform, the Catholic Education Commission has strongly objected to the proposed funding changes because they use 'poor or imprecise measures' and do not provide any certainty of funding to non-government schools.  David Shanahan (EXCLUSIVE), The Australian.

Battling disadvantage through Gonski - will it work?:  As the Gonski school funding debate heats up again, the political focus so far has been on the big billion dollar figures. In this crowded debate about who’s right or wrong on the numbers, there’s little space left to look at what these extra resources aim to do, namely to address educational disadvantage.  Nicholas Biddle, The Conversation.

Tom Waterhouse is ruining industry, betting rival says:  Australia's biggest corporate bookmaker, Sportingbet, has backed calls for a complete ban on the spruiking of live odds in sports broadcasts and launched a withering attack on Tom Waterhouse.  Heath Aston (EXCLUSIVE), The Canberra Times



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