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Posted 9 May 2013 9:37am

Can means testing of welfare really save the budget"

"One way of making cuts to middle class welfare would be to ensure that payments are means tested. The problem with this strategy is that Australia already means tests just about every possible payment." Luke Buckmaster, FlagPost.

Disability services enter the market with NDIS

"With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, for-profit and not-for-profit service providers will be chasing the newly available disability dollar. Smaller experienced and able providers may miss out as substantial marketing budgets and campaigns could give an edge to new players with a business focus rather than a sense of mission." Ben Hurley and Mercedes Ruehl, BRW (subscription).

Howard’s End - how the coalition’s last budget created the ground for the current deficits

"The Gillard government is now living with the legacy of two previous prime ministers but her own government’s economic management has played the major part in her inevitable election loss." Phil Lewis, The Conversation.

PM will be judged as skilled at policy, but inept at politics

"There is a case to be made that her social reform record might well rival Whitlam's and that her economic reforms rank with those of the Hawke/Keating and Howard periods." Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald.

When Abbott goes it alone, policy falls victim

"Yesterday morning one of the Coalition's younger MPs spoke out on AM radio. His name is Alex Hawke and his seat is in Sydney. He will be an MP of increasing influence in the Federal Parliament because he demonstrated that he had the guts to speak out on a matter of fundamental policy." Peter Reith, The Drum.

The Coalition's NGO Utopia

"Andrews' version of subsidiarity is naïve and dangerous. He would take us back to a time when charity was central to, rather than supportive of, a welfare system for the vulnerable and disadvantaged" Geoffrey Gallop, New Matilda

Beating the peak without punishing the poor

"Rising energy costs affect all households and businesses, but some are more vulnerable than others. Low-income families, older people and those with disabilities are particularly at risk." Gill Owen, The Conversation.

Just how stressed are we when it comes to housing affordability?

"In the past 10 years, the incidence of housing stress has shifted from private to public sector tenants." Gennadi Kazakevitch, Lionel Frost and Luc Borrowman, The Conversation.

Call for Cape welfare trial to help reunite families

"Indigenous leader Noel Pearson says he would like to see the Cape York welfare reform trial in far north Queensland play a bigger role in bringing children in state care back to their families." Sharnie Kim, ABC.

Smart money rides on a knowing city

"Knowledge-intensive activities tend to involve customised problem solving, which requires significant intellectual effort. So such workers solve problems and generate ideas. Their jobs are clean, safe, well-paid and intellectually satisfying. They're the way for Australia to go if we want a better future than just farming and mining (lucrative though they are)." Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald.

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