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Posted 29 April 2013 12:38pm

What do our welfare agencies want from the budget? Paul O'Callaghan, Kasey Chambers, Toby Hall and Mark Zirnsal join John Cleary on Sunday Nights. ABC local (audio).

Loss blows $12b hole in budget: "Collapsing revenue from lower company profits has blown a $12 billion hole in the federal budget this financial year, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will reveal on Monday." Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald.

Federal Budget 2013: Why our unsustainable structural deficit must be tackled: "Governments at all levels and of all colours must involve themselves and the public in a serious policy discussion of how to turn around the trend to rising and unsustainable budget deficits." John Freebairn, The Conversation.

Anglicare rental affordability report shows welfare recipients struggle to find housing: "The Rental Affordability Snapshot report, based on a survey of 56,414 properties nationwide, shows less than 1 per cent were suitable for people on Newstart allowances, parenting payments and aged or disability support pensions." Tom Bowden, Adelaide Now.

This scheme makes business sense: "The NDIS will support the capacity of Australians with a disability to work because it will provide the equipment or support that an adult with disability needs to get out of bed, out the door and into life and work." John Della Bosca, Sydney Morning Herald.

More to do on mental health: "One in four Australians will experience a mental illness during their lives, be it anxiety or depression or a psychosis including bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. It may be our own of that of a loved one. It's a national priority that we back political commitments with funded plans to be sure the mix of community and clinical care is right. This would be a worthy focus now that the country is in election mode again." Pamela Rutledge, The Australian.

Aged care dirty work done dirt cheap: "The Federal Government's $1.2 billion plan to lift the wages of aged care workers from July is in danger of collapsing. This is due to employer dissatisfaction with an increased role for unions, and frustration that the package falls short of the Productivity Commission's recommendations for aged care reform." Michael Mullins, Eureka Street.

How Australia’s ageing population threatens our democracy: "An ageing population will skew voting power and political clout towards older generations. Research suggests that there may be some link between ageing and conservatism, but this has never been conclusively proven. But there is little doubt that older generations have priorities that often differ from those of younger generations or the unborn." Luke Kemp, The Conversation.

Fair Go Under Fire: "We believe in Australians succeeding through hard work and by merit. We will never apologise for working to ensure everyone gets to share in our prosperity. And as conservatives argue for billions of dollars to be ripped out of the economy, risking recession and jobless queues kilometres long, we will never apologise for putting jobs and growth first. We reject the heartless philosophy of mindless austerity." Wayne Swan, Chifley Research Centre.

T. Rex rises - dim, dangerous, doomed: "Deconstructing Swan's arguments is as challenging as picking a dead man's wallet. Shop-worn tropes go round and round, like unclaimed bags on an airport carousel: Labor is the party of opportunity, a sentiment to which Eddie Obeid, Ian Macdonald and John Maitland are presumably living testimony" Henry Ergas, The Australian.

Abbott, not Gillard, is the true 'class warrior': "What is surprising is the extent to which Coalition policies will result in a significant redistribution of wealth upwards rather than downwards." Nicholas Reece, Sydney Morning Herald.

Beware the one-eyed budget brigade: "Many economists believe the answer to budget deficits is always to cut spending and never to raise tax collections, because of the libertarian political ideology implicit in their dominant 'neoclassical' model." Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald.

Pope Francis - Liberation Theology Priest Sees New Hope For Catholic Church: "A new pope from Latin America who wants to build 'a church for the poor' is stirring hopes among advocates of liberation theology, a movement of social activism that alarmed former popes by delving into leftist politics." Huffington Post.

Francis and the risk of overheated expectations: "Today, the church's conservatives are not the ones most enchanted with the new pope. Indeed, some are openly alarmed." John Allen, National Catholic Reporter

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