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Posted 30 April 2013 2:21pm

High rents put poor in the red

"The 2013 Rental Affordability Snapshot, launched by Anglicare Sydney yesterday, found that of the 12,880 properties available for private rental in greater Sydney on the weekend of April 13 and 14, only 23 were affordable for those on income support payments without placing them into rental stress." Tim McIntyre, Daily Telegraph.

Affordable housing no longer on political agenda, advocates say

"The head of the Victorian Tenants Union says neither major party is taking Australia's chronic shortage of affordable housing seriously in the run-up to the federal election." Madeleine Morris, ABC.

Public calls for early action to prevent costly social problems

"New research released by The Benevolent Society ... shows that nine out of ten people believe it's important for governments to invest more in acting early to support families with young children to prevent problems and save the community money in the long term." Benevolent Society.

Shortage of places for families who are homeless"The Wesley Mission's research found that families make up one-third of those seeking help for homelessness." Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald.

Kids In Care Get Shunted Around

New research on the foster care system shows that the number of kids in care is rising and that they change placements too frequently, reports Sophie Cousins. New Matilda.

Gillard considering new levy to fund NDIS"The Federal Government is understood to be considering a levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)." ABC.

Employers gain vision on prospective staff"Katie Brookes has always maintained her own brand of 'stubborn independence', but finds her resolve tested when applying for jobs and her vision impairment is brought up." Rick Morton, The Australian.

Before we tackle the budget, let's clarify a few points

"Where the Gillard government has been financiallyreckless is in pretending that our current tax base can support our current spending, the looming increases in spending on the aged, the billions required for the Gonski reforms to school spending and the national disability insurance scheme." Tim Colebatch, Sydney Morning Herald

Abbott’s budget bluster highlights a deficit of social responsibility

"The time is now well and truly nigh for a reinvigoration of strong institutions of state, to encourage common civic-mindedness in the population, to begin work on the massive backlog of neglected infrastructure projects, and to ensure that the most valuable of all 20th-century inventions – the welfare state – is not further corroded by more implementation of ossified economic theory." Russell Marks, The Conversation.

The last thing we need is an increase in taxesA

"As popular as higher taxes have become among some, raising taxes would be the worst economic outcome that any government could pursue, in efforts to return some normality back into budgetary settings," writes Julie Novak, The Drum.

UK - Charity fraud and tax-avoidance is an ‘industry’, says HMRC

"HMRC’s policy adviser on charities has emphasised the scale of the charity fraud and tax-avoidance problem – by describing it as an industry of its own." Jonathan Last, Civil Society.

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