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Posted 13 May 2013 11:41am

More cash for jobless, single parents in Federal Budget: "The Federal Government will spend $300 million to increase income support for the unemployed and single parents who study or work part-time but has rejected calls to increase the basic dole payment." Phillip Hudson, Herald Sun.

Budget to ease strain on dole and sole parent wage earners: "Labor fears lifting the dole would lead to a backlash from voters who think the unemployed are ripping off taxpayers. But the government is also under electoral pressure after its rule changes pushed 80,000 single parents from the more generous parenting payment onto the dole, cutting their incomes by a third." Tim Colebatch, David Wroe, and Daniel Flitton, Sydney Morning Herald.

Welfare recipients chased for $2.7 billion in Centrelink debts: "The Federal Government is using debt collectors to help recoup a record $2.7bn in taxpayer funds wrongly paid to families, pensioners and the unemployed." Natasha Bita, News Limited.

Paid Parental Leave: Robin Hood or piggy bank? "While there are numerous differences between the Labor and Coalition policies on parental leave pay, the most controversial is the rate of payment. While the current Government scheme is paid at the National Minimum Wage ($606.50 per week), the Coalition proposal is for parents to be paid at their full salary capped at an income level of $150,000." Luke Buckmaster, FlagPost.

Overcrowding on the rise as more crammed into homes: "The number of people living in severely crowded housing has jumped a massive 31 per cent despite ambitious Gillard government initiatives to combat homelessness and improve indigenous housing."Russell Skelton, Sydney Morning Herald.

Tony Abbott backs No Jab, No Play campaign: "A Tony Abbott-led government will crack down on people who choose not to vaccinate their children by supporting childcare centres’ right to turn away children who are not immunised and by reviewing family benefit payments to vaccine refusers." Jane Hansen, Sunday Telegraph.

What makes a good mum? It all comes down to class: "Mothers feed their child fresh fruit and vegetables, send them to private schools, enrol them in lots of extra-curricular activities and limit their television watching to the ABC." Cosima Marriner, Sun Herald.

Pollies beware: the Truth-O-Meter is open for business: "PolitiFact Australia will hold politicians, candidates, lobby groups, parties and other influential figures responsible for what they say." PolitiFact Australia.

Pokies chiefs learnt straight-shooting skills from powerful US gun lobby: "The state clubs industry took advice from the influential US National Rifle Association before orchestrating the ‘grassroots’ campaign that derailed Labor’s poker machine reforms."Heath Aston, Sydney Morning Herald.

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