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Posted 14 May 2013 11:58am

Wayne Swan on the budget & DisabilityCare

"This budget will ... ensure Australia remains the caring and compassionate society that we are. Across the country, Australians have been clear in their desire for a fair society where we look after those with profound disability. The Gillard government will present a budget that delivers those reforms through DisabilityCare." The Australian.

Labor's welfare rebels lash out

"Julia Gillard's own backbench has taken the extraordinary step of criticising Wayne Swan's budget for failing to lift the rate of the dole, with MPs saying it should be a basic Labor value to 'look after those who most need it'." Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

Real deficit is the will to get tough

"Australia is in a state of national political schizophrenia. Both major political parties tell us of the vital need for austerity; both head to an election promising whole new categories of entitlement spending. Is it feast or famine? You couldn't tell from the behaviour of our leaders." Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald. 

$100b to protect reforms

"Almost $100 billion in expenditure on education and disability insurance is to be locked in for a decade as the Gillard government tries to insulate its reforms from future economic pressures and force the hand of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott." Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald.

Seeds of Labor's destruction sown six years ago

"As federal Labor wades through the quagmire of its budget woes this week, the government is reaping the consequences of a train wreck set in motion six years ago." Lindy Edwards, Sydney Morning Herald.

Few to escape pain as tax breaks, benefits go

"Higher taxes on superannuation, the dumping of the promised family benefits boost and scrapping of planned tax breaks for almost all workers will be included in tomorrow's budget." John Collett, Sydney Morning Herald

Low-income families to be better off

"Analysis reveals that a lower than expected carbon price and lower interest rates mean that low-income families can expect to be better off by about $200 a year even after the budget cuts come into play. But high-income families are likely to be left worse off as tax increases have a stronger impact on these families. An average drop in disposable income of $562 per year is expected." Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

What is the typical Australian’s income in 2013?

"I don’t think most people have much of a sense of what the typical Australian’s income is. Research backs this up – low income earners tend to overestimate their own position in the income distribution, while high-income earners tend to underestimate theirs. In short, we all think we’re middle class." Matt Cowgill.


"More than 6 million Australians undertake volunteer work worth billions of dollars in unpaid labour. Why do they do it?" Louise Bellamy, Sydney Morning Herald.

Pictures shine a light on teenagers for whom pregnancy is barely a matter of choice

"Raphaela Rosella urged her twin sister to have an abortion when she became pregnant at 19. 'I was angry. I called her a slut and told her to get an abortion because I thought she could have a better life.'" Julie Power, Sydney Morning Herald.

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles says fears over Stolen Generation are causing child neglect

"Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles says he will remove neglected Aboriginal children from their parents and place them in adopted homes if necessary." Paul Toohey, News Limited Network.

Fears restrictions will see creation of underclass

"Refugee advocates have warned that asylum-seekers released into the community without the right to work are being further marginalised as few are gaining access to English language courses." Lauren Wilson, The Australian

Salvos put aside funds to provide relief to hungry asylum-seekers: "The influx of asylum-seekers in desperate need of support while living in the Australian community will be so large the Salvation Army has quarantined 'a significant amount' of money in its next budget so it can deal with demand at its emergency relief centres." Rick Morton, The Australian

How integrated are homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol services in Australia?

"the final report of a project that focused on the integration of mental health and drug and alcohol services for homeless people in two states and documented the mechanisms and effectiveness of such linkages." Paul Flatau, and others, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) (via APO)

The Church and economic liberalism

"When someone takes up the manual of the Social Doctrine of the Church, they are astounded by the things it denounces. For example, the condemnation of economic liberalism." Pope Francis, On Heaven and Earth

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