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Posted 21 May 2013 4:31pm

Liberals would throw out the limited baby bonus: "An Abbott government would dump the baby bonus altogether – even the reduced, means-tested payments proposed by Labor, Joe Hockey has said." Jonathan Swan and Judith Ireland, Sydney Morning Herald.

Fears births will be brought forward: "Treasurer Wayne Swan is being urged to smooth the ”sudden death” end of the baby bonus, due to fall from $5000 to $500." Peter Martin, Sydney Morning Herald.

Anger over hike to accommodation costs for people with disabilities: "A 50 per cent increase in fees for people with disabilities living in supported group homes has provoked an angry response." 7.30 Victoria, ABC (video).

Mental health disorders among Australian parents on the rise: "A new study has found the number of parents with mental illness increased by three per cent every year between 1990 to 2005." Miriam Hall, ABC.

DSM’s approach overlooks effective therapies for children: "The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a classification system for mental disorders produced by the American Psychiatric Association for the past 60 years, was released on Saturday." Paul Rhodes, The Conversation.

Warnings over gambling apps targeting youth market: "Researchers warn a new wave of simulated gambling applications are aiming to hit the jackpot with a new generation of younger gamers." Jake Sturmer, ABC.

Why do we gamble? "Australia has a big culture of taking a punt. Whether it is on the dogs, horses or the pokies, gambling has moved out of the local TAB and taken on new forms with applications on smartphones and live coverage of betting odds during sporting events. Life Matters spoke to researchers and a number of professed problem gamblers to find out why we do it." Gareth Austin, ABC Radio National (via APO).

Andrew Leigh responds to Mark Latham’s Quarterly Essay: "the communitarian strand to Latham’s thinking is one we shouldn’t ignore. Like British parliamentarian Jon Cruddas, Latham articulately taps into the needs for modern Labor Parties to connect with strong local communities, and traditional values." Andrew Leigh, Australian Policy Online.

Abbott Will Cut Deeper Than The ALP: "My view, as long term policy analyst with a feminist bent is that neither party shows any serious interest in creating a better society. The tussle over the Budget is more about who is seen as the better trimmer and cutter of the role of the public sphere, not about the wider social well being of all people, including the many unpaid contributors." Eva Cox, New Matilda.

How the Productivity Commission defines efficiency and effectiveness: "The terms efficiency and effectiveness are commonly used, yet often are applied in slightly and occasionally widely different ways. This staff research note sets out how the Productivity Commission defines these terms along with related concepts such as cost effectiveness and productivity." Staff Research Note, Productivity Commission.

Annual minimum wage hearings set to begin in Melbourne: "The Australian Council of Trade Unions is asking for a $30 per week boost to the minimum wage, saying it is necessary to address a significant gap between the wages of the country’s lowest paid and the rest of the workforce." Eliza Borello, ABC.

Pope Francis on the ‘cult of money’: "The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly humane goal." Pope Francis, Address to new non-resident ambassadors to the Holy See.

Pope Francis & The Modern Economy: "The Holy Father is on fire. When he was elected, some of our conservative Catholic friends suggested that he would be great because, after all, he had tangled with some liberation theologians in Argentina. The implication was – he is one of us. Well, this speech yesterday probably means Papa Francesco cannot hope to retire to a corner office at the American Enterprise Institute or the Acton Institute anytime soon." Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter.

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