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Posted 24 May 2013 11:03am

Disease kills mentally ill people in Australia earlier than general population: study:  A new study has found mental illness sufferers in Australia are dying up to 16 years earlier than the general population, with most deaths due to disease rather than accidents or suicide.  Francene Norton, ABC online.

Fewer disabled join workforce:  The participation of disabled Australians in the workforce has slipped to its lowest level in four years as the aftermath of the global financial crisi bites bottom lines.  Sarah Elks, The Australian.

Early intervention program injects $247 million into mental heath of children:  Teenagers at risk of poor grades, homelessness and jail because of severe mental health issues will get free, kid-friendly help with $247 million of early-intervention.  Jessica Marszalek, News Ltd Network.

Childcare board to steer centre pay rises:  A new seven- member childcare advisory board will be unveiled today, charged with determining which centres will receive wage increases.  Patricia Karvelas, The Australian (Exclusive)  (Subscription required).

Welfare Agencies Join Call to Ban Betting Odds During TV Sports Broadcasts

Kids love sport but increasingly think betting is part of the game Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) has called for an urgent ban on live betting odds being posted during sports broadcasts on TV.  Mr Paul O'Callaghan, Catholic Communications, Archdiocese of Sydney.

Odds stacked against young online gamblers.  We turn a blind eye to online sports betting at our peril. And it's our young men who will pay the price.  Lin Hatfield-Dodds, Eureka Street.

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