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Posted 28 May 2013 2:24pm

Wage inequality leaving workers in poverty: "Whether or not large cohorts of workers and their families continue to live in poverty depends on the decisions of the Fair Work Commission." Brian Lawrence, Eureka Street.

Abbott is not playing fair – Removing super contribution will hurt working poor: "Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s budget reply pledge to discontinue the Low Income Earners Superannuation Contribution (LISC) will hit the retirement savings of thousands of low-paid Australian workers." Helen Hodgson, The Conversation.

Welfare Agencies Join Call to Ban Betting Odds During TV Sports Broadcasts:"Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) has called for an urgent ban on live betting odds being posted during sports broadcasts on TV." Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese.

Poorest Australians Hard Hit by Healthcare Inequity: "Those on the lowest incomes and living in poverty are further disadvantaged by inequities in our healthcare system, a new report has found." Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese.

No-benefit policy puts 20,000 in oblivion: "Nearly 20,000 asylum seekers have been waiting since August, when the government introduced its no-advantage policy, for any action on their claims for protection." Bianca Hall, Sydney Morning Herald.

Government concession on No Advantage test possible: "Labor backbenchers are hopeful the government will concede that asylum seekers need some idea of how long they have to wait under the ‘test’ which dictates those arriving by boat be processed no faster than those who stay for years in camps overseas." Lenore Taylor, The Guardian.

Racism abating? A snowflake’s chance in hell: "It is no good repeating that we are not racist. We are, and perhaps the recognition and acceptance may help to dissolve the characteristic. We will have to work at it. If we don’t, then we will not enter this soil in a good shape." Peter Gebhardt, Canberra Times.

New Challenges for NFPs: "The Not for Profit sector will be faced with a new set of challenges arising from a burgeoning population in the coming years, according to Victorian Deputy Premier Peter Ryan who opened the Communities in Control Conference in Victoria." Pro Bono News.

Doing less with less: "While efficiency is defined in terms of producing more with the same or lesser expenditure, and some politicians talk about doing ‘more with less’, arbitrary spending cuts can in reality simply mean doing less with less." Christopher Stone, Centre for Policy Development.

UK – Iain Duncan Smith – cut welfare to fund police and Forces: "Iain Duncan Smith has offered to cut Britain’s welfare Bill by up to another £3  billion annually to protect spending on the Armed Forces and police" Robert Winnett, The Telegraph.

George Pell fully apologetic for clergy sex abuse: "Australia’s most senior Catholic Cardinal George Pell says he’s fully apologetic and absolutely sorry for sexual abuse that has occurred at the hands of clergy." AAP.

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