Sophie’s thank you prompts PM’s tears

Posted 16 May 2013 3:26pm

Sophie’s thank you prompts PM’s tears: "Julia Gillard broke down in parliament yesterday as she invoked the story of 12-year-old Sophie Deane, who has Down syndrome, while introducing legislation to part-fund the ‘transformational’ disability insurance scheme" Rick Morton and Joe Kelly, The Australian.

Welfare groups have mixed budget reaction: "The federal budget has received a mixed response from welfare and community groups after delivering the promise of life-changing funding for Australians with disabilities but cutting back on family payments."Sally Sara, ABC.

Baby Bonus cut ‘hits wrong women’: "The decision to axe the $3000 bonus from March 1 next year to save $1.1 billion across five years has sparked a debate about the level of support for non-working mothers." Patricia Karvelas, The Australian.

Gutsy budget built around icons: "Some modest steps were taken to rein in middle class welfare, with the baby bonus being scaled back from $5000 to $2000 for the first child and better targeted by being tied to Family Tax Benefit A." Lin Hatfield Dodds, Eureka Street.

Middle class welfare – are we hitting the target: "As fewer families find they are eligible to FTB, the system as a whole is likely to lose political support, especially if the government that succeeds the current one in September offers voters a ‘choice’ of maintaining FTB or lower income taxes." Gerry Redmond and Peter Whiteford, The Conversation.

Labor sets a booby-trap as it heads for the door: "if Abbott blocks the budget measures to close off the baby-bonus and trim family tax benefits, he will be putting the very financial viability of the $14.5 billion DisabilityCare in jeopardy." Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald.

Abbott dodges booby trap: "Tony Abbott appears set to defy the Gillard government’s expectations and allow the axing of the baby bonus and cuts to family payments in the federal budget to pass through Parliament." Michael Gordon, Sydney Morning Herald.

How Swan fell into Howard’s booby trap: "Much was made last night by the political commentators of Wayne Swan’s attempts to ‘booby trap’ the budget for an incoming Abbott government. But it was Rudd, Gillard and Swan who walked into John Howard’s booby trap. In fact, so effective was Howard’s trap that many in the ALP don’t even see that they are in it." Richard Denniss, The Conversation.

Should taxes rise? "Left figure Doug Cameron has called for a post-budget debate on whether the tax to GDP ratio should be increased" Joe Kelly, The Australian.

The fair go is fact, not political platitude: "The chorus of support for increasing unemployment benefits is the most recent example of an underlying schizophrenia in the national psyche: Although we have long prided ourselves as a society that offers a fair go to all, many of us suspect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community miss out on the assistance they need." Benjamin Herscovitch, On Line Opinion.

Charities overwhelmed by asylum seeker pleas: "Charities say they are being overwhelmed with pleas for help from asylum seekers who are released from detention without enough to live on." Heather Ewart, ABC.

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