Spirituality in the Pub, 'Issues in the Modern World'

Posted 23 May 2018 6:07pm

Fr Frank Brennan SJ and Sr Susan Connelly RSJ were guest speakers for Spirituality in the Pub in Dubbo NSW on 23 May 2018 to reflect on 'Issues in the Modern World'.

Fr Brennan in his presentation said that "Churches need to be transparent, accountable and inclusive if they are to be credible. Only then might they communicate the message of Jesus to the world, being both prophetic and practical. The great political challenges of the Age require clear prophetic thinking and commitment, but also practical capacity to work for change, effecting the compromises which are needed. The trust needed to build those compromises cannot be constructed unless we have integrity. The good news of Pope Francis is that he adds joy and hope to our quiver of justice and truth. All four are needed if we are to thrive in the midst of the disruption, mess and complexity of our world."

Listen to Fr Frank Brennan's presentation here


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