The Issue: Going for Broke

Posted 28 April 2013 9:00am


The Federal budget looms and the portents are gloomy, deficits ahead, restraint is called for.

Yet there are promises to keep and ideals to maintain.

Church agencies are among those lobbying both government and opposition on national priorities.

What do our welfare agencies want from the budget?

Both sides of politics are retreating from any suggestion of surplus, but neither have moved towards embracing defecit funding in a straitened times as a positive.

And despite Australia ranking 22nd out of 24 OECD nations for taxation, no one is as yet prepared to talk of raising taxes.

It makes for a difficult mix. Not only do our welfare agencies have to do with the real needs of the marginalised in our community, they also have to do deal with the realities of practical politics in an election year.


  • Toby Hall, CEO, Mission Australia
  • Kasey Chambers, Executive Director, Anglicare Australia
  • Paul O'Callaghan, Executive Director, Catholic Social Services Australia
  • Dr. Mark Zirnsak, Director of Justice and International Mission Unit, Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

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