CSSA Outcomes Framework

What is the CSSA Outcomes Framework?

CSSA's Measuring Outcomes Project was undertaken as part of a journey of collaboration among CSSA members delivering (federally funded) family support across the country.  The Framework, which includes a methodology paper, was developed for CSSA by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY).

The project resulted in a nationally consistent and locally adaptable CSSA Outcomes Framework for interpreting and measuring ‘family support’ outcomes. The Framework

  • Reflects the diversity of the CSSA network and identifies performance indicators that reflect that diversity
  • Is evidence informed
  • Includes a 'signature construct' meaningful to, and characteristic of, Catholic social services
  • Is compatible with the Department of Social Services’ Outcomes SCORE Data Exchange and Child and Families Programme performance framework

The Framework is now accessible to CSSA member organisations for application and integration into their own contexts.  In the vimeo featured above, Dr Stacey Fox, ARACY Senior Research Manager, explains how the Framework was developed and how it might apply to your work.  You can find Stacey's powerpoint presentation here.

Updates on CSSA activity in the area of outcomes measurement are available here.

Moving to an 'outcomes' culture

Being able to demonstrate outcomes will strengthen the Catholic social services' story of social impact in the lives of individuals, families and communities. But where to start? There are a number of steps an organisation needs to take before it can truly demonstrate the social impact it is making. 

Embedding outcomes into service design, delivery and business processes is a journey, requiring:

  • Outcomes frameworks and methodologies, including frameworks such as the CSSA Collaborative Framework for Measuring Family Service Outcomes, specific client and community outcomes and related Key Performance Indicators
  • Data collection and reporting tools, including Client Record Management Systems
  • Data analysis processes, including a culture of using data to inform continuous improvement, research and evaluation. 

Watch the 'PREZI' below to see how the various stages of the journey might take shape: click 'Start Prezi' and select 'Autoplay'