CSSA puts the production of research and evidence at the centre of all our work to develop just and compassionate social and economic policies that will address unmet need and improve the lives of vunerable Australians.  

Our aim is to produce evidence to support a blueprint for a more equitable and modern social services system in Australia.  We partner with universitites, government departments, peak bodies, other Catholic agencies and our members to realise this vision. 

We also work with our members to support and grow their research evidence and evaluation capability. 

Current research priorities include:

  • Entrenched social disadvantage
  • Informed choice and consumer education within market models
  • Regional, rural and remote service support
  • Wrap around services through integrated school hubs
  • Supporting the well being of our human services professionals
  • Impact of public policy on medicalisation and social service delivery
  • Developing holistic outcomes frameworks and measurement to capture our faith based offer.