Current Research Projects

Identifying locational drivers of entrenched disadvantage

CSSA in partnership with CSSA members and the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods

Research Project Partners

The Catholic social services network recently came together with leading researchers to launch the Identifying Locational Drivers of Entrenched Disadvantage research project, 10 September 2019

Australia is a wealthy country that includes many areas of entrenched social disadvantage. The implications of this for social cohesion and mobility are a significant challenge for governments.

Over the last two decades, there has been a range of studies that have mapped the extent of this challenge. Our partnership with Jesuit Social Services in the Dropping Off The Edge (DOTE) studies is one example.

Currently, we are partnering with the Australian National University and twenty of our member organisations in new disadvantage research. This research will identify what drives entrenched disadvantage in every Australian suburb. It will also conduct analysis of population and future trends.

This research will inform better decision-making around infrastructure investment and service delivery. It will also help design better targeted place-based approaches in communities.  

With our partners, we will provide new evidence on what drives entrenched disadvantage and what we can do about it as a nation.

The official launch of the project was held in Sydney on 10 September 2019.  See related media release.  
Australian Catholic Bishop Conference president Archbishop Mark Coleridge delivered the following video message supporting the project, which was played at the launch.