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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Statement from the Truth Justice and Healing Council to the Royal Commission by Francis Sullivan, CEO, Truth Justice and Healing Council

When the Truth Justice and Healing Council made its first major submission to this Royal Commission in 2013 it included a nine-point Commitment Statement by the Catholic Church leadership. This in part said the leaders of the Church in Australia committed themselves to repairing the wrongs of the past, to listening to and hearing survivors, to putting their needs first and to doing everything the Church can to ensure a safer future for children. Over the past four years, as the Church has been through what many would say has been the most intense and unforgiving examination of almost all aspects of its operations in Australia, the Council has worked hard to hold the Church leadership accountable to these words. But more than that – to put these words into action.

Monday 6 February 2017

Father Frank Brennan raising his voice for the voiceless

Starting in his new role as CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia, Fr Frank Brennan – Jesuit Priest and Professor of Law – has a clear plan for what he needs to do to change Australia for the better.